Top Ten List on Using a Computer in an Office

10. If you got problems, you should try turn the machine off and turn it on again.

09. USB is a port (or an input-output interface) on a modern computer, not a storage device.

08. Microsoft Powerpoint is for On-screen presentation, NOT note printing, please use Word for that.

07. Microsoft Word is for simple document to print out on a laser or inkjet printer, NOT for publishing a 300 pages book.

06. You can email a line of text in an email, you don’t NEED to type a sentence in a Word Document, save it and attach it in an Email.

05. You can also email with a PICTURE as attachment, you can add them just like attaching your favorite Word or Excel Documents. You don’t NEED to put a JPEG photo in a Word Document, save it and attach it in an Email.

04. People can actually read your email faster than you press the print button, go pick up your print out , then walk to their desk with a piece of paper with a line of text on it. If they don’t have any respond from your email, they’re probably ignoring you.

03. You can save a HTML file from Word or Microsoft Frontpage and uploaded it somewhere. But doesn’t mean you know how to do Web-design or “writing a web page”.

02. Don’t click on YES everytime anything pop up with a dialog box, READ first, OUT LOUD if necessary.

01. The blue “e” thingy on your desktop with “Internet Explorer” text under it is NOT the Internet, more like it fucks up the internet!

Top Ten List on what I hate on web-building

10. Default blue <a> and purple <a:visited> – am I the only one felt this is ugly?

09. Using 200 Line-breaks <br> to make vertical spacing – You need a new keyboard when your Enter button broke;

08. Using 200 Non-breaking Spaces &nbsp; to make horizontal spacing or even fake “Center” aligment – I know, you’re using Frontpage, and that “align center” button will kill your whole family, including your dogs;

07. HTML page without character setting meta – Not every one is using same languaged-version OS as YOUR machine! Morons!;

06. Italic font-style – It just looks god-damned-ridiculous on ALL BROWSERS;

05. Comic-sans (and 少女體/娃娃體/海報體 in Chinese) under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE – THEY AREN’T CUTE for 13 years already;

04. Tables for minor layout alignment – It’s NOT 1998, Try google “Minial Table” for god’s sake!

03. Hard-coded Inline style – again, this is NOT 1998!!

02. Flash sites; using a HUGE Flash without HTML options and/or skip button (well, i got one, Ctrl-W/Cmd-W!);

01. IE Only – FUCK IE! Especially IE6, FUCK IT!